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benibu is music for change.


Each song released will be attached to a social cause and 100% of the streaming revenue and download revenue (after platforms such as Spotify and Apple take their cut) will be donated to that cause.


Releases and causes to date:




"Next to You" - proceeds sent to Represent.US to fight political corruption


"Harder" - proceeds sent to Freedom United to fight human trafficking and modern slavery

"Streets of Philadelphia" (cover) - proceeds sent to RED campaign and GMHC to fight AIDS


"Afterparty" - proceeds sent to to fight climate change

If you enjoy benibu's music, add it to your playlists and share it with friends. The more the songs are streamed, the more the causes benefit.  

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*Proceeds donated will be 100% of benibu's earnings. Distributors such as Spotify, Apple and CDBaby will still take their cut.

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